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9/6/2006      How this Bike Club Started...

It's all started with a ride I (Ronnie) had with two Israeli's (Haim and Yossie). I was really not up to it since I had a pretty lousy bike that I brought from Israel (RoadMaster, 45 Lbs). Our first ride was along the Santa Ana creek from Harvard/Baranca to Newport ... read more »

5/16/2007      Club Web Site Development

I will be posting here issues regarding the web site development:

5/17/2007 - New weather service, Home page lift.

4/9/2007 - Mebership page have a new field called 'RsvpEmail', when filled it will send a text message/email (i.e. to you on the morning of the ride letting ...
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12/13/2008      Corner Bakery - Bug In My Salad

In case you missed last week ride, the club went to Corner Bakery Cafe in Laguna Niguel for breakfast after the bike ride. I've ordered a Turkey Sandwich with a side of Green Salad. After eating most of it, I saw to my surprise a large red bug below the ... read more »

9/13/2009      The Club Hungarian Rhapsody Tour - July 2009

The Bike Club had completed a very successful trip to Europe in July. We set off to "terrorize" Europe in mid July, spent few days in Vienna and then started the bike ride to Budapest.
Impressive monuments, sumptuous palaces and exquisite architecture are some of the things we saw in ...
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8/1/2011      Bike Club Swiss Tour - July 2011

Ten members of the club had recently returned from Europe after completing another successful tour. We started the tour in Zürich, where we spent a couple of days before starting the ride on July 11th. We rode along three lakes and in four countries and finished back in Zürich on ... read more »

7/28/2013      IBC Tour De France - July 2013

Members of the club completed last week our third Europe bike tour. This time it was in the Loire valley - the essence of the romantic France. Of course it is mainly the Châteaux that the Loire is famous for. But the Châteaux are not all this area can offer. ... read more »

7/29/2015      IBC Tour of the River Elbe Cycle Path – July 2015

Twelve members of the club had finished a 240 mile enjoyable tour along the River Elbe Cycle Path at the beginning of the month. The Elbe, Germany's second largest river, flows through beautiful countryside, Saxon vineyards and a wide variety of restaurants, wine cellars and rustic pubs. Along the way ... read more »